The Official Mirkwood bow from the movie, Lord of the rings. The same bow that Orlando bloom *legolas shot.

From a Magical place that gives life again to the myths and legends of the knights, one new creation, the Mirkwood bow.

The Bow of Legolas, a magical instrument that wisely used, becomes an infallible and deadly weapon in the hands of its archer, Legolas! (or you) The Bow of Legolas (also known as the Mirkwood bow) is made from Manao wood, the outer wood from a lime tree.  Carefully handcrafted to look as close to the original.  This is the only Authentic reproduction out there.

This bow stands 60" tall, just like in the Lord of the rings.  This legolas bow can be adapted to every type of requirement, from the competition archer to the youth archer, or the true collector.

Comes with two arrows 30" long, made with real metal forged arrowheads, a 14 strand string with serving, a leather string keeper/tip protector, and a bow bag for storage. 

This is an Officially licensed product of New Line Cinema and it is Fully Functional!

Please specify what draw weight and length you want, available in:
30-35# , 35-40#, 40-45#, 45-50# all measured to 28" draw length.

Available on
While supplies last!

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